About Berke's Peanut Butter

Founded by a mom on a mission to create healthier peanut butter. Family owned and operated. Made in the USA.
Berna lives a healthy lifestyle, so she wants the same for her son, Berke. She cares about his health, and that's why she only feeds him the best of the best. That's how our mission came to life- because Berna had love and Berke's health in mind when she dreamt up an entirely natural peanut butter. With the proven health benefits of peanuts, Berna created a peanut butter that doubles as food for your body and your brain - equally delicious and nutritious!

Alternative translated into a passion

What started out as creating a nutritious alternative to store-bought products for Berke has translated into a passion, providing healthy peanut butter at an affordable price for those who care about health. Berna makes Berke's Peanut Butter in small batches as demand comes, unlike large manufacturers, so you never have to worry about your product's freshness or your health.

Berna values proper nutrition and health, so she uses only the highest quality peanuts to ensure all of the best health effects that peanuts offer.

Here's why Berke's Peanut Butter is the real deal:

Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties for brain health
Heart-healthy fats
Magnesium for muscle and nerve health
Natural energy booster
Serotonin booster (the happy hormone!)
Vitamin K for bone health

The ideal snack for you and your health-nourishing, flavorful, and free of unnecessary ingredients:

Berna knew that peanut butter could be delicious and functional, which is why she does things differently. Other peanut butters are over-complicated and over-saturated with sugars, salts, and oils that ruin the natural benefits. Here at Berke's Peanut Butter, we like to keep things simple yet effective. That's why Berke's Peanut Butter is 100% real, natural peanut butter!

There's no room to play when it comes to health, that's why we value transparency. Here's our promise:

Only three simple, honest ingredients that you can pronounce- peanuts, peanut oil, and sometimes organic honey
No preservatives. 
No salts. 
No sugars. 
No Palm Oil.
All peanuts are grown in Virginia and Georgia, sourced from small family farms that also value your health, so you can rest assured that they are top-notch.
No large manufacturers or distributors.
Always made with love.
Always fresh.
When you shop Berke's Peanut Butter, you're supporting a small family-run business supporting other small family-run businesses. It doesn't get more loving than that.
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